Probably thousands, if not more. Let’s go from Top (30) to Bottom (1)…ironically, #1 is very interesting (I hope 20 Somethings Bizarre Facts Facts Funny Humor Information Interesting Interesting Facts judge judy Las Vegas LMAO LMFAO lol Nicholas Cage Obscure Facts OMG Penis ROFL Sean Connery Sex Facts Steve Jobs Strange Facts The Internet Toy Story Weird Facts Writing & Expression WTF February 24, 2015 at 2:58 pm. Top 20 Psychological Facts About Human Behavior. I was born in 1985. Who would guess that upstanding, law-abiding, competent you would have a relative who did that? 4. Okay, let’s just drive right in: I have 15 Cats! I have a complete narcicism day! When I didn’t, they encouraged me to apply for a re-evaluation. Because they hadn’t learned it, either. My future career choices are either to go into Epidemiology or Music Education. Also, I’m only doing ten things because I’m not that interesting and I’m also lazy. As long as your parents aren't in the room when telling this secret, it's sure to provide some gasps and entertainment for those listening. “If I won the lottery, the first thing I’d buy would be….”, 23. Or maybe you’d like to meet a dream mentor of yours and chat for half an hour or more. I love being out in the cold! “If I could get paid to blog about anything, I’d write about…”, 45. Oh, we all have a few of these secrets, don't we? I hope that you, too, will come up with your own’ 30 interesting facts about yourself’ list. Would you name a child after this person? I could not control my tears. Or maybe you’d call the realtor for that house you’ve been sighing over for the past month. His ability to remain calm in the toughest of situations is indeed something that all of us must learn. Human life facts are genuinely fascinating, but have you ever thought how many random facts had been accumulated throughout the history of our civilization? facts. I often feel like the unicorn in the room. 6. I can go on to watch Brooklyn nine-nine for hours and hours. What comes to mind first? The ideal fun fact is two things: (1) interesting enough to ensure nobody makes you do it over, and (2) not so interesting that everyone has lots of follow-up questions. !” when they hear about it, then you might be a source of entertainment for hours. I love Harry Potter; I have 26 letters in my full name. Maybe it’s something you wish you’d known but that no one around you could teach. Whatever it is, if you could never run out of new pieces, what would you want that to be? A closer look into the movies that take us to a fairy tale land where we convey emotions, fantasies, and understand the beauty of life. Feb 19, 2019 - Learn fun facts about your pet's history and health. 4. What is the secret thing you did when you were younger that gives a glimpse into your mindset back in the day? Day 06 – Write 30 interesting facts about yourself. Or maybe you’re thinking of making conversation cards that ask “fun facts about me” questions. I think all of you agree that Andy Samberg, aka Jack Peralta, is one of the cutest people ever! But not easily visible. Some call me nerd 9. When you start a sentence with, “”Not many people know this about me,” you've immediately got the attention of the room. But if you once again find yourself in a situation in which you must produce a fun fact — and you will — you might as well be prepared. Keep writing pal ❤️. What was it about that summer that made it so memorable? Remember places you've traveled and memorable experiences you've had on your journies. “The most embarrassing thing that happened to me at work was….”, 19. 3. That is why you need to show what your real strengths are, not just by including some internships you might have had or small jobs, but also by including some interesting facts about you because those facts can tell a lot more about you as a person than any other thing you might add. There you have it! Fun facts about me is an article written by me – Jessica. 3. Name something you use every day — enough that you sometimes take it for granted. “If I had to eat one type of food for the rest of my life, it would be…”, 28. Would you relive it if you could? Or maybe you’re afraid of something completely different — and closer to reality. 32. Thus, it surely deserves a place in my ‘30 interesting facts about yourself’ list! My Zodiac Sign is Capricorn. 3. If you don’t want to get into specifics, you’re welcome to generalize. Don’t limit yourself to what sounds realistic. After my dad's death and my mom's remarriage to my new Dad, I became a Friesen. Christine @ A Keane Sense of Adventure. If you could earn plenty of money keeping a blog on the subject/s of your choice, what would you write about? 8 comments. For extra credit, what could you do to earn at least some of your income doing what you love? As you can imagine, I was hardly prepared but somehow managed to score decent marks! If this is your first time watching a video of mine, HELLO! The parade left us wanting for more, from the colorful tableau to the majestic airshow, the entire experience was worth every penny! Log in or sign up to leave a comment Log In Sign Up. I was a part of my high school chess team and got 1st place at nationals 3. Wherever you go, any of these prompts can serve as a conversation starter. Or what nightmare scenario would keep you up at night, sitting in the corner with a flashlight and your weapon of choice? I’m trying really hard not to over-think the meaning of an interesting fact and just go straight into listing them. The people you grew up with shaped the person you are today. :) My name is Aneesa (ah-knee-sa) and I am a 23 year old YouTuber from Northern California. We both had ADD. This experience surely deserves a place on ‘30 interesting facts about yourself’ list! 30 interesting facts about yourself. Or maybe you have some slightly OCD behaviors yourself that might make others giggle. This is especially true if what you really want to do seems unrealistic, silly, or not reflective of who you appear to be. What personal traits do you attribute to the people with whom you were closest growing up? What fun and interesting facts about yourself would help answer this question. Coming up with the material for today’s post was tough! I was on America's Funniest Home Videos with my sister, Haley. 3. 2. “If I could win a lifetime supply of one type of clothing, it would be…”, 26. I hate being late and people who are always late. Log in or sign up to leave a comment Log In Sign Up. Think of a time you said or did something that backfired in a big way. Well, for starters, I am Kavya Uniyal from India. My second thought was I definitely know 30 interesting facts about Harry Potter. 8 Comments. So, share away. It involves being social, which can be daunting when you are engaging with people you don't know well. You wear your underwear inside out because you hate the tag in back, or you still refuse to step on a crack (even though you can vouch for the safety of your mother's back). 2. Whether it’s a hobby or just something you enjoy doing (for yourself or someone else), if it’s a favorite thing of yours, it says a lot about what matters to you. This can get personal in a hurry, so if you want to take a step back, you can also discuss a moment or experience that changed your life. What about your talents and skills? Curly, silky, wavy, and whatnot. Whatever hacks you’ve learned to make your life easier or more fun, others can probably benefit from knowing them, too. If you're looking for something interesting to say, here are some safe secrets you might want to share to let others know more about you. I passed Class 12th in 2019 and was able to secure a seat in my dream university- ‘Delhi University’! “I would love to meet (and even have lunch with)….”, 10. What are you most grateful for? I would rather shop for kitchen gadgets than clothes or shoes. This is gonna be long and probably stupid. I made some close friends during my stay in Delhi- my bond with my flatmates in particular, grew stronger with each passing day. So, I decided why not list some exciting aspects of myself to evade any embarrassing situation. Seeing if the lighter would ignite the cat's fur? 1. Political Science left me wanting for more, and thus, I was firm to opt for Humanities in Class 11th. Who are your favorite characters? Here I am going to share some fun facts about me that are really funny. Interesting Facts About Yourself. It suddenly puts on the spot. And even when we learn from them, it’s hard not to want to go back and fix it — if not for our benefit then for someone else’s. Are particularly persnickety about certain things other people do, like slurping their coffee or clearing their throats? 13. By Shabana Bachu. Humans are great at making mistakes. And if this is the first of more than one date, this is useful information for both of you to share. 30 Day Bandwagon; Health Update; CT Scan Results; Update October (8) 30 interesting facts about yourself. This would be your reality for a full 24 hours. Be the first to share what you think! And whatever it is, you’re probably proud of it — if only secretly. I have been asked several times to write fun facts about me. Have a wonderful Monday! ! If you could make anything happen for them to instantly improve their life or open a door for them, what would that be? These memories do deserve a spot on my ’30 interesting facts about yourself’ list. So, if you could choose, where would you go? 163k. Now that I live in Delhi, I regularly gorge on the street foods, and like any other Delhiite, I love panipuri and momos! 30 interesting facts about myself: 1. Day 6 - Write 30 interesting facts about yourself. .”, 38. Learn about the latest fashion trends, beauty tips, makeup, and skincare routines and fitness, and heighten your sense of style with us. What is something you did as a kid (and survived relatively unscathed) that you now see as pretty hysterical. I was at my aunt’s place, and even though we could not go out to celebrate due to the restrictions in place, my family left no stone unturned to make the day special! holy crap. 30 Day Challenge--Day 6: 30 Interesting facts about yourself. It takes another 3 minutes to go over some boring facts and contrast them with the interesting facts. I hates hoes 7. We bring in varieties of exquisite foods from every corner of the world and also the ones that help you stay healthy. Or maybe the words you’ll put in those blanks are “sunrise” and “meditation.” Whatever. You may get some cringes, a few laughs, and perhaps someone outdoing you with an equally weird or disgusting food love. I can safely say it was indeed one of the best decisions of my life to opt for Humanities in Class 11th. I have an Oxford History Honours Degree specialising in the Medieval and Renaissance periods in Europe. Music is … I actually thought it was going to be pretty hard to come up with 30 facts about myself, but it was really easy. I celebrate my birthday on 31st march and recently turned 19th. no comments yet. Jumping off the roof? 1. Time-saving and money-saving tips and tricks are meant to be passed on and enjoyed — not kept secret. “One thing I know I do well (or better than most) is….”, 6. If you once had one of those jobs that people exclaim, “You've got to be kidding me? Not only did I get to witness the proceedings live, but also got to click a picture with then Maharashtra chief minister- Mr. Devendra Fadnavis. Day 4 - 10 Interesting Facts About Yourself I'm not sure if they're necessarily all that interesting, but here's 10 facts about me.... 1) I have had 3 last names. 1.The 19th Birthday! From Chandni Chowk to Hudson cafe, I have explored all the major food joints of the city and can take you to the best restaurants to treat your taste buds. Like all of you, I too have made several mistakes and have been through some dark times, but all those mistakes have ended up teaching me lessons that will stay with me for life! This could be anything you wear — from your favorite type of underwear or your favorite socks to a sweater or t-shirt with just the right cut and shape. Consider the different jobs or careers you've had and the experiences with them that have shaped you. Just try and keep it legal (and more or less socially acceptable). “A TV series I’ve watched all the way through more than once is…”, 49. Like every other Indian teen, this was a first of kind experience, I was excited to live alone, but the thought of being on my own in ‘Delhi’ surely gave me chills! I am so grateful for another year and blessed to be alive. Fun Facts about me Introduction. My most embarrassing job was __________. I celebrate my birthday on 31st march and... 2. ________ used to scare me so much as a kid! no comments yet. Did they give you any grief over it? don't judge. And what do you most enjoy about this ability of yours? Day 01 - Your current relationship status. Well, the journey of securing a seat in Delhi University was certainly not a cup of tea. I first … I am a big foodie, and since I have been on the move throughout my life, I got to taste cuisine from almost all parts of the country. I am a textbook INFJ personality type, the rarest type. “The people I grew up with influenced me by….”, 9. Whatever craziness you were up to, it makes for a great story. Why not admit you’re good at it? Hiding in the dryer? What do you do that others will find compelling? 30?! 6. I like orange flavored candy, ice-cream, drinks, fruits, and anything else under the sun. Knowing what to share about yourself is the hard part because we're often not prepared when the situation arises. Whether it cost you a friend or just made you the butt of a joke for years afterward, what did you learn from it that you might not have learned otherwise? My 19th birthday was nothing as I imagined it would be, but it was surely better than I planned it to be! 4. i killed my hair with a little thing called manic … “If I get to choose my next life, I want to be…”, 13 Positive Signs He Will Come Back After Breaking Up, 13 Necessary Steps To Becoming More Mature, 11 Top Signs Of An Emotionally Stunted Man, Master Badassery: 21 Ways To Be A True Badass, 13 Ways To Be Independent in a Relationship, 15 Sure Signs A Woman Is Jealous Of Another Woman, 21 Signs The Universe Is Trying To Tell You Something, Helpful Communication Exercises For Couples, 77 Existential Questions To Blow Your Mind. Learn how your comment data is processed. You might think twins are a rarity, but they're actually becoming more common than ever. If you had to be stuck in a movie or video game for a day, which fabricated world appeals to you most? 2. During my visit to Badrinath, as I had fallen sick, the doctor gave me an injection and other medications. But, what made that Republic day remarkable was seeing how my fellow countrymen had come together to celebrate the day with such zeal and enthusiasm and maybe for a moment, forgot all the religion, caste, and language divide! Reply. 3. 8 comments. 1. Day 06 - Write 30 interesting facts about yourself. Great teachers are not made from people who … “Not many people know this about me, but when I was younger, I…”, 40. No matter what types of facts typically strike your fancy, make sure to read these 120 totally random and 100 percent wildly interesting facts that are guaranteed to earn you some new friends. Name something you use in your day-to-day life that you could probably live without. Whether it’s abstract paintings, scrap metal sculpture, or something else, what art would you buy for your home if you could afford it? And unless you were arrested or caught running through the woods naked, you likely have a couple of embarrassing moments you wouldn't mind sharing. “My best friend is my best friend because….”, 15. Icebreakers like this are the worst; the ones which put you on the spot and challenge you to be the most fantastically interesting and cool person possible in 0.2 seconds flat. On the same 19th Birthday, my friends weren’t behind, though miles apart, they did manage to bring... 3. 30. The folks worth hanging out with will appreciate your authenticity and look forward to learning more about you. 2. Is there someone in your life who needs help with a difficult problem? But there are likely some choices in your life that you'd like to claim a do-over on — some that aren't too controversial. What type of horror movie scares you the most? Our friends at helps people from Sweden to play at Unlicensed casino sites. I am eager to see what the Good Lord has in stored for me! I feel very connected with God when I am able to go there. report. best. I have been to Dehradun several times. “If I could have any superpower, it would be….”, 4. “If I could download a how-to book directly into my brain, it would be for… “, 46. “If I could keep any animal as a pet, I would choose…”, 25. What if you had to leave the country you’ve always lived in — if it was no longer safe for you and your family to stay? I want tattoos when I'm a bit older 5. Some fun facts about me. My 19th birthday was indeed the one to remember as the country was during lockdown! Consequently, I was drowsy for the rest of the trip. But if you can think of an animal you’d love to have in your home — to share your space and to spend time with — what would it be? Let your imagination lead. … Name a celebrity whom you’d love to meet and even have a conversation with — over lunch or at least a beverage of choice. “One thing I wish I’d learned before I left home is… “, 48. Learn about the enchanting world we live in, its beautiful creatures, and ways to protect them for a better future. 2. You do not know what to say and what to filter out! This day will be treasured forever and thus deserves a spot on my ‘30 interesting facts about yourself’ list. If there’s someone you admire and want to emulate, this is the person you want to mention here, along with a brief explanation as to why. From the home-baked cake to in house DJ party, it would be safe to say that I entered my 19th in style. It’s probably good that we can’t, but that doesn’t stop us from wishing. Maybe you wish someone could just download a course on “How to Be a Functonal Parent” directly into your brain — just like on the Matrix when Neo learned Kung Fu in seconds. “My perfect day would start with _____ and end with _____.”, 12. Fun Facts about me Introduction. Keep shining…. It happens to the best of us: As soon as someone says, tell me an interesting fact about yourself, everything you know about who you are and what you do, flies right out the window.An important job interview only packs on the pressure. 3. June 25, 2014 purplemunk Leave a comment. What would you like your loved ones to think of when they remember you? This can be a tricky one because you don't want to offend anyone in the room or have something get back to a person you're close to (ie: “I probably wouldn't get married.”). To all the teens reading this, I want you to know that all of us make mistakes but instead of fretting over, learn from them and just move on, like I do or at least try to do. Whether you’re a bookworm or are just determined to keep learning, your new conversation partner might want to know what you’re reading this week (or today, if you go through books more quickly than most). But, destiny had some other plans. What could you easily spend hours a day writing about? My list certainly does not define me, and I realize that someone who read my list could not know me from a collection of facts, but I think that I now know myself just a bit more. Rachel Bale is a Melbourne-based writer, escape artist and Founder and Editor of The Department of Wandering. If a food genie popped up and said, “Today, I’m cooking your favorite meals — from breakfast to dinner and dessert. The human body is a fascinating place and so much of it still remains a mystery to us...and these 30 bizarre body facts may still leave scratching your head I suffered from extreme ‘motion sickness.’ Though the traveling was hard, it was all worth it. I hate olives! Friends for Life! Think about your childhood and any interesting, unusual, or relevant events or situations. I hate my name but I love ‘M’ I’m a Microsoft fanatic. 31. 7. Same goes for any ethnic food category (Korean, Italian, Mexican, etc.). Related Posts. This difficult yet memorable journey of securing the seat in the university deserves a place in my’ 30 interesting facts about yourself’ list! I'm trying to make it as ungeneric as possible. 27 Of The Best Small Talk Topics And Questions. This is a look out into the 30 interesting facts about yourself. 4. Motorsport is my passion (I watch over 30 different series!) I know I know that’s too much, But I couldn't help it, they are so cute! Im 5′1 4. Your rep may not be the only one at stake. I've never owned a pet (tamagochis obv dont count). And would your new life be on the same planet or somewhere else in the universe? Reply. It’s big and not pretty. Random facts about me: 1. What’s on the menu, and whom would you invite? I was a fair teacher of children by my standards. This decision deserves a place on my ‘30 interesting facts about yourself’ list. in less than the time it would take to drink your morning coffee? “One struggle I’ve had that has made me who I am is….”, 11. My Zodiac Sign is Capricorn. I guess like almost every other Indian, I am too a cricket enthusiast, but I have to admit I love Mahendra Singh Dhoni more than the game itself! Day 6 – Write 30 interesting facts about yourself. I have been asked several times to write fun facts about me. In 2012, I got to see M.S Dhoni, legendary India’s former Cricket Captain, though, from a large distance. I often play out conversations I wish I could have with people in my car. Or you know how to turn a single meal into three different dinner menus to avoid waste. Day 03 - Your views on drugs and alcohol. I’m a Leo but I know it doesn’t mean anything. What have you done for each other? I speak three languages French, English, and a little Cantonese. “The last time I made a fool of myself, I learned…”, 50. Christine @ A Keane Sense of Adventure. 14. Thus, it surely deserves a place in my ‘. share. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts Did something happen to you on a job that you can’t remember without cringing (or even feeling an involuntary shudder)? Whether you are on a first date or a job interview, being prepared to share something interesting about yourself is an excellent icebreaker. View Entire Discussion (0 Comments) More posts from the AskReddit community. So, I have been on the move for a substantial chunk of my life. "From about 1915, when the statistical record begins, until 1980, about one in every 50 babies born was a twin, a rate of 2 percent," writes Alexis C. Madrigal of The Atlantic. Maybe you’ve learned unusual hacks for removing stubborn stains. And a fun conversation can lead to friendships, job opportunities, and other adventures. Money is no object, and you can have people over for dinner if you like.”. I was a part of my high school chess team and got 1st place at nationals 3. Next. 2. So, I submitted this kind of post here with you. 8 Comments. Be the first to share what you think! If food happens to be the topic of discussion, throw in one of your favorite but strange food preferences. Today is my chance to share 30 “interesting” facts about myself. When I was in class fifth, my father got transferred to Nagpur, Maharashtra. From. But, I was blessed to have my family and teachers who believed in me. Required fields are marked *. And some of them would make your parents flip their lids — even today. From Chandni Chowk to India gate, I saw it all. “Something I’d love to get rich by doing full-time is….”, 8. I have visited ___ countries in my life. DAY 6: Write 30 interesting facts about yourself. And then when I married, I became a Reimer. So if anyone is reading this at all, I think it is well worth the time to think of the 30 interesting facts that would help you define yourself. Awesomeness isn’t exclusive to either camp, and adults in both can get along just fine. Understand better about living a healthy life both mentally and physically, as we come up with tips and tricks to make you feel amazing every day. And don’t forget to invite your conversation partner to share fun facts about themselves. If this is your first time watching a video of mine, HELLO! What are 30 interesting facts about yourself? I hope this inspires you to come up with your own ‘30 interesting facts about yourself’ list! Tell me about yourself in the comments below. When I was five, We moved to Ahmedabad, Gujarat, and stayed there for the next four years. My father works as a general manager in a private company and has a transferable job. Or would you become a refugee, traveling through one country after another, hoping for a welcome from one of them? Has it changed you? Most people would love a chance to go back in time and change at least one little thing in the hope that it would create a better outcome. Or of whose art would you pay to see more? Catch a glimpse of the Indian cinema that has moved us with spectacular performances by talented artists from time to time. I hope this inspires you to come up with your own ‘, My 19th birthday was nothing as I imagined it would be, but it was surely better than I planned it to be! Think of something you had to learn on your own that others your age seemed to already know how to do. Or maybe you imagine yourself living in a spaceship or in a flying RV with a cloaking shield. Hopefully you learned some knew things about me. After all, you don’t want to be the bearer of cheesy pick-up lines or stale one-liners. Oh no, my head's getting to big to get through the door! And if you already keep a boa constrictor or a large, aggressive dog in your home — and you’ve always wanted a pet monkey — these would be interesting facts for anyone who might want to come over. What would you most like to be able to do better than most? We are all … hide. Write 30 interesting facts about yourself. My percentage increased by 2%, and I secured the seat in Delhi University! Since I adore him so much, my friends, on my birthday, gifted me a ‘dhoni’ t-shirt, which will remain with me forever. Damn thats alot to ask for but ill go for it :) 1000 Random facts: 1. 15. Your email address will not be published. And if you don’t currently volunteer, for what local causes would you consider volunteering? What do you picture? It happens to the best of us: As soon as someone says, tell me an interesting fact about yourself, everything you know about who you are and what you do, flies right out the window.An important job interview only packs on the pressure. it still largely remains a mystery. Tell me a fun fact about yourself in the comments below! In the case of breakfast food, for example, it doesn’t have to be the exact same thing every day, but it has to fit in that category. It takes another 3 minutes to go over some boring facts and contrast them with the interesting facts. Maybe the thought of living without it makes you feel naked and vulnerable, even if being deprived of it wouldn’t actually kill you (not quickly, anyway). Probably thousands, if not more. Day 05 - A time you thought about ending your own ... Day 04 - Your views on religion. So, this was my list of ‘30 interesting facts about yourself.’ I am just like any other teen out there, committed to my goals and not afraid to try new things or make mistakes. That’d do it for me. We introduce stories that touch your soul, the ones that brighten up your day, and that makes you believe in yourself. CBD Vape Cartridges Are Merely One Option for Your Vaping Pleasure, 6 Aspects for the Mobile Marketers to Work on in 2021, Chinese Paper Money : Top 4 Amazing Historical Facts, Fairbanks Alaska Northern Lights: Miracle of Nature. Everyone likes talking about their favorite moments from childhood. “My favorite type of art is… because….”, 31. "Then, the rate began to increase: by 1995, it was 2.5 percent. 8. Day 6 - Write 30 interesting facts about yourself. My favorite hobby is... What do you do in your free time? Why would you do it and how would your life change? Take a short trip to the magical world of books and literature where you find solace, happiness, and immerse yourself in deeper thoughts. My dream was finally realized this year! Fun facts about me is an article written by me – Jessica. I witnessed the parade along with a close friend. Whether it’s life skills in general or something more specific — like budgeting or cooking for yourself — most of us can think of something we wish we’d learned before we started living on our own. If you're several years into a career, you may not have allowed yourself to articulate your secret desire to do something different. But if you could collect something, what would it be, and why?

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