The sequels depart from the style of the original significantly by adding "sing-a-long" musical numbers akin to Disney's animated films, using softer, more brightly-coloured animation (and in later years also including some shots in 3D animations), and toning down the intensity seen in the original film, such as making the sharpteeth much more weak in comparison to the original Sharptooth, with one exception, and stopping most Leaf Eater deaths from happening. [4], An early working title for the film was “The Land Before Time Began”.[5]. You don't want that. They join their friends at the top of a hill and embrace each other in a group hug. Years later, Littlefoot plays with Cera (Candace Hutson), a "Three-horn", who was trying to smash a beetle until her father (Burke Byrnes) intervenes; whereupon Littlefoot's mother (Helen Shaver) names different kinds of dinosaurs: "Three-horns", "Spiketails", "Swimmers", and "Flyers" and states that each has historically remained apart. Originally released by Universal Studios and Spielberg's Amblin Entertainment, it features anthropomorphic dinosaurs living in a somewhat fantasy-based version of prehistoric earth. Cera grows impatient of the seemingly resultless trip and decides to go another way, but Littlefoot refuses, telling her the way she is going is wrong and when Cera refuses to retract an insult about Littlefoot's mother (whom he mentioned to back his claim), a fight between the two ensues causing a schism in the travelling party whereby Littlefoot continues in the direction he was told, while the others follow Cera. He also pointed out that the concept of Littlefoot leading Cera, Ducky, Petrie and Spike to the Great Valley was reminiscent of the Calvinist theology that souls can only be saved if they follow Christ, and resist temptations that will lead them astray from the path. It brought in a box office total of nearly $50 million during its domestic release, slightly more than Don Bluth's previous film, An American Tail. This may be due to the massive cutting of that scene, and that the line may have been damaged due to the cuts. Tarpits did not form in the Mesozoic era; they formed in the Cenozoic era. Ducky making faces at Sharptooth, which was cut. [4] As the concept was developed more, the idea of segregation between dinosaurs of different species was added in, and the moral of the story became that the young dinosaurs, who had been taught to avoid each other, would have to look past their differences and function together. It's a wonderful film for the entire family." You've come so far, don't throw it away. This is also proof of the Oasis scene being in the film, A cut scene of Littlefoot arguing with Cera, The scene where Littlefoot, Ducky, Petrie and Spike plan to kill Sharptooth, though most of the content of this image was cut as it tied to the original ending (such as Littlefoot explaining to them that they must kill Sharptooth before entering the Valley). Then the film once again re-aired on Cartoon Network on February 25, 2008. All you have to do is tell me whether or not you think they're still together. Inspiration for this sharptooth may have been from this early design of Sharptooth. The Land Before Time Uncut FOUND FOOTAGE 4, Littlefoot is excited to find the Great Valley on his own (part of the original ending), Littlefoot plays in a waterfall (part of the original ending), Littlefoot turns back to save his friends (part of the original ending), The Land Before Time Uncut FOUND FOOTAGE 3. Ebert believed The Land Before Time made a "strategic error" in its attempt to attract children, as he thought that the movie erases the distinction between children and dinosaurs (he earlier describes the two as being very similar). Sullivan/Bluth Studios teamed with the U.S. If we hold on together I know our dreams will never die Dreams see us through to forever As high as souls can fly The clouds roll by For you and I 0095489., "It's too scary. Download If We Hold on Together on Hungama Music app & get access to We're Gonna Make Our Dreams Come True (Popular Songs of Dreams and Wishes and Dreams-Turned-Into-Reality) unlimited free songs, free movies, latest music videos, online radio, new TV shows and much more at Hungama. The song was written by James Horner and Will Jennings. During the proceeding struggle, a draft from Sharptooth's nostrils enables Petrie to fly. Ducky is perhaps asking Littlefoot if Spike can join them on their journey. Played during the film's ending credits, it was released on the film's soundtrack as well as the Ross album The Force Behind the Power. [4] In fact, Petrie was originally to have a whistle voice until it was later decided that he would instead have a talkative voice with broken lines. country Reply to e-mail sent to Mark Pudleiner about cut scenes: The rumor of the pre-release McDonalds VHS containing cut scenes debunked. Many fans of The Land Before Time are trying to recover these scenes and add them into the movie again. Littlefoot screams "Sharptooth!" He only chuckles at one point. However, he praised it for not having the dinosaurs occasionally "pick up guitars and launch into dinosaur renditions of rock songs", like The Chipmunks and Care Bears.[19]. This award, however, went to Disney's Who Framed Roger Rabbit.[30]. This film is the first in which Littlefoot, Ducky and Cera cry. Steven Spielburg's son, Max, suggested the voice of Digit, from An American Tail, for the character Petrie, which resulted in Will Ryan, who had voiced Digit, performing the voice of Petrie. Later, while crossing a pond, Petrie discovers the Sharptooth nearby. It is perfect for "The Land Before Time", which is one of my favourite animated Disney movies. in Canadian French, European French, Russian, Czech, Dutch, Greek, and Swedish. In April of 2011 Starz and Encore had a hold of the movie for a year. The Title Card. The animation production for The Land Before Time took place at Sullivan Bluth Studios in Dublin, Ireland. Depressed and confused, Littlefoot meets an old "Clubtail" named Rooter (Pat Hingle), who consoles him upon learning of his mother's death. Evidence of this ending remains in the scene of Littlefoot talking to his mother's spirit after the death of Sharptooth. However, the captions correctly refer to the gasps respectively by saying ", (Describing a fabricated version of her underground encounter with Sharptooth, to the others). One big difference in these scenes than the movie's is that Sharptooth has crocodile-like skin and plates on its back. ", Ulla-Maija Savolainen-Häkkä as Littlefoot's Mother, French - Le Petit Dinosaure et la Vallée des merveilles, Spanish (Castillan) - En busca del valle encantado, Spanish (Latin) - La tierra antes del tiempo, Italian - Alla ricerca della Valle Incantata, Norweigan - Lillefot og vennene hans – I landet for lenge siden, Serbian - Земља далеке прошлости / Zemlja daleke prošlosti, Ukrainian - Земля первiсних часiв / Земля до початку часiв. When we are out there in the dark We'll dream about the sun In the dark we'll feel the light Warm our hearts, everyone. This ending also appears in three children's books released along with the original film, "Friends in Need", "The Search for the Great Valley", and "The Land Before Time: The Illustrated Story". However, this has not been confirmed, and could possibly be a rumor. [18], Hal Hinson, of The Washington Post, said that the film was entertaining, but not good enough to be considered a classic film. see more comments. A cut moment at the very end, possibly a shot after "Now we'll always be together", which also got cut too. However, it should be noted that Oliver & Company did beat out The Land Before Time at the domestic box office by about $5 million. Another part of the movie that was going to be eliminated was the death of Littlefoot’s mother. [4][6] [9] Don Bluth was unhappy with the cuts, and fought for all the footage, but in the end he had to settle on a final running time of 69 minutes, one of Don Bluth’s shortest; in fact one of the shortest feature films ever produced (depending on how "feature film" is defined).[4]. Below are 17 famous couples from various Disney movies. This marked the movie's final release on VHS. It might be part of the 19 seconds of the fight between Sharptooth and Mama Longneck that was cut. The two species refuse to share food/water, even though both will eventually die at the end. editing The rock pushed onto Sharptooth's head is still there in the background, on its ledge, because this scene was meant to appear before the death scene. Later, Littlefoot is accompanied by a young "Bigmouth/Swimmer" named Ducky (Judith Barsi), whose company bears him out of his depression. Rating: low +1. ", but that bit was cut from the final version (ending only with Littlefoot, Cera, Ducky, Petrie, and Spike hugging each other), although it can be seen in the US Pizza Hut commercial promoting the film's theatrical release and the Australian Pizza Hut commercial promoting the film's home video release. [26], The Land Before Time received a 70% "Fresh" rating from the critics at Rotten Tomatoes, while the movie's fans gave it a higher score of 78% "Certified Fresh". The tale of their ancestor's journey to the valley long ago. This may be the result of a cut scene. The Land Before Time (1988) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Littlefoot was originally going to be called "Thunderfoot", until it was found out that there was a Triceratops in a children's book who already had that name. Cera was still too proud to admit that she'd gone the wrong way. A signed cel of Littlefoot, Cera and Spike turn around to see that Petrie is still alive. John K. CarrDan Molina It also aired on HBO Family around the same month as its first HBO airing in 2006. A Dinosaur's Story/Trailers. It is unknown as to when this was to happen during the movie. It was subsequently released on DVD on March 20, 2007, in the 2-Pack with Curious George, and on November 6, 2007, in the Animated Family Favorites 3-Movie Collection, together with An American Tail and Balto. writer So the five hungry dinosaurs set off for the Great Valley. The film also aired on Cartoon Network from 1998 to November 2004. [23] In Mark R. Leeper of the Internet Movie Database's review of the film, he writes "Apparently inspired by the art of William Stout, The Land Before Time is short on characterization as well as screen time. On his journey, he meets four young companions: Cera, a Triceratops; Ducky, a Saurolophus, Petrie, a Pteranodon; and Spike, a Stegosaurus. He hardly noticed his hunger and had forgotten about the Great Valley and that he must somehow reach it. "[24] The movie got two thumbs up by Siskel and Ebert,[4] although Roger Ebert's review mentioned having a few issues with the film. A cel of Sharptooth ripping up the dead tree. Her review was titled "Animated film lives up to promises". One of the deleted storyboard drawings of Sharptooth; note that he had plates on his back like the Plated Sharptooth during these early stages of production. in English, Hungarian, Japanese, German, and Chinese. It is unknown who voiced Grandma Longneck, though like her husband isn't heard speaking in the film. The ending was altered after the soundtrack was made, so the original ending's music in its proper order can still be heard, including the cut parts. Then it aired on Toon Disney from 1998 to 2004. Higher! The gang, rejoicing upon finding the Great Valley. Judith Barsi as Ducky G Though Spike does not talk in the English version of the film, he utters a single line while climbing up the rocky mountain side in the Finnish version; "ruokaa", which translates into English as "food". Searching for remaining growth, they discover a tree, and obtain food by stacking up atop each other and Petrie pulls off lots of treestars. Afterward, however, it settles into a comfortable journey by endearing characters. Littlefoot later hears his mother's voice guiding him to follow the "bright circle" past the "great rock that looks like a longneck" and then past the "mountains that burn" to the Great Valley. To watch YouTube videos, you’ll have to paste in the URLs. Ducky is told by the gray-noses that she can drink because she is like them, but the others cannot, so the group moves on to find their own food. Finally, he believed the Great Valley was overly-similar to the Garden of Eden. was originally shown ramming into the tree under Littlefoot and Cera, and that the two kids actually climbed into the tree, before Sharptooth tried to bite them through it, before then ripping the tree apart. At the same time, an "earthshake" opens a deep ravine that swallows up the Sharptooth and divides Littlefoot and Cera from their herds. Both of these films aired on HBO Family on January 4, 2009. Many of these scenes are not present in the released film. If We Hold On Together. The scene opens with Littlefoot foraging for food (particularly pine needles) with his mother. At first, Littlefoot could only think about his mother. [8] The character of Spike was inspired by director Don Bluth's pet chowhound, Cubby.[6]. producer runtime The dinosaurs featured existed in different time periods. Littlefoot, alone, follows a cloud resembling his mother to the Great Valley, there to be joined by the others. The film's ending was also altered. Diana Ross - If We Hold On Together [Official Video] - YouTube The trailer for another Universal Pictures/Amblin Entertainment animated film, The first official theatrical trailer for the Universal Pictures/Amblin Entertainment live-action/computer-animated hybrid, The video trailer for another Universal Pictures film, The "game" itself, actually an animated film packaged on a game disc, is often considered a knockoff, or "mockbuster" of.